Waves and Imaging Team

Photo de Zine El Abiddine FELLAH

Zine El Abiddine FELLAH


Research Interests :

  • Acoustic Propagation in porous materials , Fractional Calculus, Time domain modelling, Direct and Inverse problems , Biot Model-Equivalent Fluid Model, Double-layered porous materials, Causality and Kramers-Kronig relations.
    - Experimental characterization, Transmission, Reflection, Inverse problems, (non destructive testing- Ultrasound (50-500)kHz, Low frequency measurements in pipe (20 Hz-3kHz).
    - Ultrasonic propagation in Human Cancellous bone (Direct and Inverse scattering problems).
    - Inhmogeneous porous materials (wave splitting approach).
    - Non local effects (Fractional derivative in space domain).
    - Acoustic waves in Fractal materials (Non-integer dimensional space model, Fractal dimension).
    - Acoustic waves in Micropolar media, Gyration (rotational) waves.
    - Radiation function.


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